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Issue No. 39, June 2015

To download the complete issue, click HERE First, let me just say that I have never had so much fun putting together an issue of Modern Acoustic! I want to offer a huge thanks to everyone who participated. It’s hard enough to put pen to paper for any reason. And when someone asks you to […]

Issue No. 38, December 2014

  To download the full issue pdf, click HERE I have a plot idea for the TV show “Nashville” to save it from cancellation. But before we go there, I have admit something that may make you cringe … I am a fan – or was a fan – of the show. I’m kind of […]

Issue 37, August 2014

To download the full issue pdf, click HERE When I started Modern Acoustic, way back in 2004, one of my main objectives was not to be like every other music magazine, which fills their pages with fluffy profiles of bands and overblown CD reviews in order to get as many eyeballs, website hits, and likes […]

Issue No. 36, December 2013

To see the full issue pdf, click HERE. This year, Hanukkah came early. My musical inspiration came very late, but I’m very excited about this gift. All year, I had been looking for an artist that moved me, really moved me –  the way Gillian Welch and Patty Griffin had done in the past. I […]

Issue No. 35, December 2011

To download the full magazine, click HERE It seems like ages ago, but it was actually only 11 or so months when the year began – with a bang. January and February exploded with concerts and new albums like no other year we can remember. We spent time on the tour bus with Josh Ritter […]

Issue No. 34, September 2011

To download the new issue, click HERE It’s easy to knock commercial radio stations. Most are owned by corporations out to keep profit margins high and risk-taking low. This translates into computer-generated playlists that strictly follow formats – adult contemporary, alternative rock, classic rock, dance music – that cater to the public relations machines of […]

Issue No. 33, June 2011

To download the new issue, click HERE It’s been a crazy roller-coaster ride this year at the home offices of Modern Acoustic. The early months of the year were all about music and the magazine. We spent endless hours going to shows, reviewing a bunch of new albums and redesigning our new website (see below). […]

Issue No. 32, March 2011

To download the complete issue, click HERE Issue 32, March 2011 Musically, a new year generally starts off slow. The Northeast is in a deep, dark, snowy, cold, crappy-weather funk. (Did I mention snowy?) Even if bands decide to travel this way this time of year, it’s hard enought to motivate ourselves to trudge out […]

>Issue No. 31, December 2010

>Way Down With ‘Hadestown’Anais Mitchell’s stellar folk opera tops our list of Favorites of 2010   It seems every year there’s one album we cannot stop listening to: In 2004, Patty Griffin’s “Impossible Dream” blew our minds; a few years later, a neo-bluegrass band named Crooked Still shook us up with their “Shaken by a Low […]

>Issue No. 30, September 2010

> The Heights of Summer – Scenes from our busy day at the Newport Folk Festival As much as winters are for hunkering down in a small, packed club with a pint of Guinness and a band playing ethereally on the stage, summers are for getting outside, celebrating the nice weather (hot, but not too […]