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Favorites of the Year 2015

My end of the year extravaganza is called Favorites of 2015 because I just don’t listen to enough new music through the year to warrant calling it a Best Of list – though I do believe many of the musicians or the albums mentioned should be considered. Anyway, sorry there is no magazine version this […]

2014 Favorites of Year

To download the full issue pdf, click HERE. FAVORITE ALBUMS “Numbered Doors,” by Lori McKenna and “Milltowns,” by Mark Erelli These two locally produced albums are as authentic and moving as any released nationally. After making two very personal albums, McKenna steps back a bit, lyrically creeping around the hallways of hotels and motels capturing […]

2013 Favorites of the Year

Favorite Album: Patty Griffin, “American Kid’’ Anyone who follows Modern Acoustic knows just where I stand on Patty. Two words: voice crush. My god, listen to “Wild Old Dog.” The song kills me. It’s so sad, and her voice just brings me to the verge of tears – every time. Many of the songs here – […]

Issue No. 36, December 2013

To see the full issue pdf, click HERE. This year, Hanukkah came early. My musical inspiration came very late, but I’m very excited about this gift. All year, I had been looking for an artist that moved me, really moved me –  the way Gillian Welch and Patty Griffin had done in the past. I […]

Can musicians get fans to put down their cameras?

“At the request of Matt and Zooey, we ask that people not use their cell phones to take pictures and video, but instead enjoy the show they have put together in 3D.” This is a sign posted at recent concerts of She & Him – the duo of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel. The pair […]

The long and winding road

The road to where I am now musically is one that took many twists and turns. I can pinpoint 1976, the bicentennial year, and all I can remember is Three Dog Night songs were all over AM radio. I knew all the words to “Shambala,” “One,” and “Joy to the World.” In high school (I […]

Teleprompters for musicians: cheating or helping?

A recent story in the Washington Post brought to light that Bruce Springsteen was using a teleprompter on stage during his recent tour as well as his last one (read it HERE.) While the article didn’t flat-out deride him for using it, it did lament that an artist of Springsteen’s stature, who comes across as […]

Favorites of 2011

OUR ANNUAL LIST OF FAVORITES OF THE YEAR FAVORITE ALBUMS / SURPRISE ALBUMS “The King Is Dead,” the Decemberists and “The Harrow & the Harvest,” Gillian Welch In a surprising return to their roots the Decemberists stripped down their sound, mixing a ’70s Neil Young vibe with some R.E.M. guitars and became one of the […]

An open letter to ‘fans’ who talk incessantly through concerts

Dear Biggest Fan Ever of the Band Onstage, SHUT UP! Why is it you who claims to be the biggest fan never stops talking while your band is performing onstage? Am I the only one who always finds himself trapped by you, who instead of listening to your FAVORITE BAND EVER, jabber on (loudly) as […]

Issue No. 35, December 2011

To download the full magazine, click HERE It seems like ages ago, but it was actually only 11 or so months when the year began – with a bang. January and February exploded with concerts and new albums like no other year we can remember. We spent time on the tour bus with Josh Ritter […]