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Favorites of the Year 2015

My end of the year extravaganza is called Favorites of 2015 because I just don’t listen to enough new music through the year to warrant calling it a Best Of list – though I do believe many of the musicians or the albums mentioned should be considered. Anyway, sorry there is no magazine version this […]

Goodbye, Newport

Goodbye, Newport. I’m very sorry but I will not be attending this year. The Newport Folk Festival has been one of my favorite summer events for many years. It’s one of the best music festivals on the East Coast: the venue is amazing, with its stage looking out past the vast audience onto the surrounding […]

Favorites of 2011

OUR ANNUAL LIST OF FAVORITES OF THE YEAR FAVORITE ALBUMS / SURPRISE ALBUMS “The King Is Dead,” the Decemberists and “The Harrow & the Harvest,” Gillian Welch In a surprising return to their roots the Decemberists stripped down their sound, mixing a ’70s Neil Young vibe with some R.E.M. guitars and became one of the […]

An open letter to ‘fans’ who talk incessantly through concerts

Dear Biggest Fan Ever of the Band Onstage, SHUT UP! Why is it you who claims to be the biggest fan never stops talking while your band is performing onstage? Am I the only one who always finds himself trapped by you, who instead of listening to your FAVORITE BAND EVER, jabber on (loudly) as […]

Issue No. 34, September 2011

To download the new issue, click HERE It’s easy to knock commercial radio stations. Most are owned by corporations out to keep profit margins high and risk-taking low. This translates into computer-generated playlists that strictly follow formats – adult contemporary, alternative rock, classic rock, dance music – that cater to the public relations machines of […]

Newport Folk Festival, July 31

It’s clear that the musicians that play the Newport Folk Festival get it. Yes, it’s a beautiful scene, with its view from the stage looking beyond the crowd to the bay filled with folk-loving yachters. But there are other scenic venues – Red Rocks in Colorado and the Gorge in Washington state come to mind. […]

Newport folk festival, random thoughts

Some random thoughts about what I saw at Newport Folk Festival. Hopefully soon I’ll have more than 10 minutes to think about what I saw and write it down. But for now…. 1. Colin Meloy is very funny 2. Red Rocks and the Gorge look beautiful (never been to either), but Newport on a sunny […]

Newport Folk Festival lineup

This year’s Newport Folk Festival lineup, scheduled for July 30-31 at Fort Adams State Park,  was just announced and, like last year, organizers have done a pretty great job of mixing the old with the new, the traditional folk with the not-so-traditional. Our day at the folk festival last year included indie-folkers David Wax Museum, […]

Issue No. 32, March 2011

To download the complete issue, click HERE Issue 32, March 2011 Musically, a new year generally starts off slow. The Northeast is in a deep, dark, snowy, cold, crappy-weather funk. (Did I mention snowy?) Even if bands decide to travel this way this time of year, it’s hard enought to motivate ourselves to trudge out […]

>The Decemberists at the House of Blues, Boston, Jan. 28, 2011

>   “Apparently, we ruined indie,” declared the Decemberists enigmatic lead singer Colin Meloy, in the middle of a small run of new songs off their new latest album, “The King Is Dead” early in the show. Meloy was referring to a recent, hilarious article in the Boston Phoenix blaming Meloy and his merry band of […]