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>Issue No. 29, June 2010

>  As the recording industry continues to struggle with the reality of the digital revolution, musicians are looking for new ways to get their music to the public.Many have realized that they have the ability to do it all themselves – fund, produce, promote, and tour – without the help of a record company’s backing.Yes, […]

>Issue 28, March 2010

>Who is Jackie Greene?We first heard about him by chance. In 2008, his record label, from which we had requested a different album, sent along Greene’s newly released “Giving Up the Ghost” with a note saying “Thought you’d love to hear this. Jackie is an amazing guitarist, an amazing musician. Enjoy.”OK, we’re always up for […]

>Issue 27, Dec. 2009

>I Survived Dragonforce We all have have things we have lost tolerance for. Animated kids’ films? No more, thank you. Musical theater? Not unless our kids our in it. Costume parties? No invite necessary.But it is good occasionally to step outside your comfort zone and take in experiences you don’t consider your style. Sometimes they […]

>Issue26, Sept. 2009

>Far Out – Regina Spektor blows us away – on her album and live in concertWe were worried for Regina Spektor. Yes, worried. We first experienced the World According to Regina when she was an opener along with Josh Ritter for Keane at an outdoor venue in Boston in 2005. (Guess who we were there […]

>Issue 25, June 2009

>That Magic Moment – Our favorite musicians tell us why they do what they doWhat would it be like to be standing on stage bathed in the warm glow of blue and green spotlights, looking out on a crowd of people waiting eagerly to hear your songs? You start playing, picking out chords to your […]

>Issue 24, March 2009

>WINTER THAW – Our CD review special Skating, skiing, sledding, snowflakes quietly descending on fields and trees, icicles sparkling in the sun … shoveling, falling on black ice, heavy boots, gloves, hats, below freezing temperatures for a dozen days straight… OK, you get my (snow) drift: Winter, as beautiful as it can be, is a […]

>Issue 23, Dec. 2008

>The Shining – Don’t Be Scared, It’s Just Our Faves of ’08Another year has gone by.As we get older, they seem to fly by faster than ever before. We see our kids growing older, becoming well-balanced, truly amazing teens with ambition and interests; we see ourselves collecting wrinkles and grayer hair at a somewhat alarming […]

>Issue 22, Sept. 2008

>Summer Picks: From festivals to clubs – even to Symphony Hall! – we were thereSummer has come and gone again, bringing its share of hot days and sultry nights. It also brought – as usual – great opportunities to catch live music at outdoor festivals and indoors at steamy clubs.Our purchase of a new and […]

>Issue 21, June 2008

>Can Jazz Rise Again?: Though still a vibrant form of free expression, the music today is in need of some new inspiration. But can anyone rejuvenate it?When I finally settled on the cover topic for this issue, I first gave it a little test-drive – in the car one day with my wife and teen […]

>Issue 20, April 2008

>On Target: On her new album “Shotgun Singer,” Kris Delmhorst looks inwardWe’ve been spending a lot of our ample free time between issues reading and thinking about folk music – its origins and its future. Why? Well, for starters, we’ve been staying up late with our nose firmly planted in the book “Turn! Turn! Turn!: […]